CSR Policy

See our approach to reducing industrial accidents and mitigating natural disasters.

Policy on our CSR initiatives

1.Provision of Quality Products and Services Built on Safety

We provide safe and high-quality scaffolding equipment/services tailored for customer needs.

2.Compliance Management

  • We comply with laws and regulations and act in good faith.
  • We maintain and promote fair, transparent and free competition.
  • We never have any dealings whatsoever with antisocial forces.

3.Respect for Human Rights

  • We respect the human rights of our employees and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.
  • We respect the human rights of all people involved and strive to create an upbeat workplace free of discrimination.

4.Contribution to Local Communities and Society

  • The SUGIKO Group conducts CSR activities to contribute to the sound development of local communities and society.
  • We communicate with customers, shareholders, and society at large, and disclose corporate information in a timely and appropriate manner.

5.Harmony with the Environment

Believing that the environmental conservation is our responsibility as a global citizen, we execute corporate activities with consideration for global environmental protection.

Our Approach to CSR

Contribution to Society

Temporary equipment we handle is not only used for large-scale construction projects of skyscrapers, condominiums, Olympic stadiums, etc. It is also used in construction and maintenance of power stations, plant facilities, highways, and railways.
We support various social infrastructures by providing these construction sites with high-quality temporary equipment.

Prevention of Industrial Accidents

Among industrial accidents in the construction industry, fall incidents in particular account for 40% of fatal accidents.
In order to "eradicate scaffolding-related industrial accidents" and to help create an environment where everyone can safely work maintaining good physical and mental health, we conduct scaffolding inspections and safety awareness activities at construction sites.

Recovery and Reconstruction from Disasters

The increasing damage caused by natural disasters has become a social issue in recent years. We have continued to provide temporary equipment necessary for reconstruction work even when we ourselves were affected by disasters such as the Great East Japan Earthquake, other earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rains.
We believe that we have a mission to swiftly respond to post-disaster recovery work as an operator of the temporary equipment rental business.

In addition to these initiatives we engage in through our group businesses, we also take a progressive approach to CSR and environmental conservation activities as a member of the local community.

CSR Activities

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