CSR Activities

Find below the details of SUGIKO's CSR activities

CSR Activities

1.Provision of Quality Products and Services Built on Safety

With the transition from the era of mass-production and mass-consumption to a recycling-oriented society, the role of the rental business to reuse and distribute scaffolding equipment is becoming more important.
In addition, as society's interest in "safety" and "quality" continues to rise, the SUGIKO Group finds it important, as a part of the social responsibility of an operator of a scaffolding equipment rental business, to provide high-quality scaffolding equipment and to have scaffolding equipment used safely at construction sites.

Provision of Quality Products and Services Built on Safety

(1)Thorough Quality Control

The scaffolding equipment we offer to our customers is basically reused one, and we implement thorough quality control based on our own strict maintenance standards.

Furthermore, in order to prevent quality deterioration due to aging and detective product mixing, we regularly replace equipment with new one, providing safe and high-quality scaffolding equipment that lives up to the trust of our customers.

Thorough Quality Control

(2)Scaffolding Safety Awareness Activities

In order to eradicate fall accidents at construction sites, we have set up a "Scaffolding Safety Consulting" department that conducts safety awareness activities including safety training, safety lectures, experience-based danger trainings, and scaffolding inspections.

caffolding Safety Awareness Activities

2.Compliance Management

The SUGIKO Group believes that, as a member of society, it is important to recognize our social responsibility and conduct responsible corporate activities.

In order to continue to be a corporate group that is needed by society and to develop and grow sustainably with society, we not only comply with laws and regulations but work to strengthen corporate governance and risk management.

Compliance Management

(1)Corporate Governance

Based on our management philosophy and law-abiding spirit that form the basis of our business activities, we are building a governance system that aims to enhance our competitiveness while ensuring management transparency.
In addition, as a guideline for internal control, we have established the "Basic Policy for Building and Operating the Internal Control System" to ensure that the internal control process functions effectively. We evaluate its effectiveness and take improvement measures as necessary.

Furthermore, we will continuously review our internal control system to respond to changes in the business environment, etc., and strive to develop it even more effective.


In order to protect the credibility that we have built up over many years, the SUGIKO Group not only comply with laws and regulations but has established the "Basic Compliance Policy" and "Compliance Code of Conduct" that we must observe in conducting our business. With these initiatives, we are working to develop a corporate culture in which we conduct business activities with a high standard of ethics and to strengthen our compliance system.

In addition, we have set up compliance consultation desks (internally and at an external law firm) to receive reports of legal violations and misconduct within the group from employees and officers of the SUGIKO Group.

(3)Risk Management

The SUGIKO Group is strengthening its risk management system by having the Risk Management and Compliance Committee and the Risk Management and Compliance Promotion Committee identify, evaluate, and manage potential risks in the business of each group company.

In addition, we have established the necessary rules and manuals so that we can respond appropriately in the event of a large-scale disaster or an emergency overseas.

(4)Exclusion of Relationships with Antisocial Forces

For the purpose of eliminating antisocial forces that threaten social order and safety, we stipulate in the "Basic Compliance Policy" and "Compliance Code of Conduct" that we will never respond to unreasonable demands, engage in backroom deals, provide funds, etc. We make sure that our employees are thoroughly aware of this.

In addition, we sign contracts with our business partners for elimination of antisocial forces, confirming that our business partners have no relationship with antisocial forces.

3.Respect for Human Rights

While there is a demand for workstyle reforms for employees promoting diversity, work-life balance, etc., the SUGIKKO Group respects the human rights of all people involved and promotes the creation of safe and comfortable workplaces.


(1)Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

In the SUGIKO Group, in order for our employees to fully demonstrate their abilities at work and improve their performance while fulfilling family responsibilities such as housework, childcare, and nursing care, we have reinforced our efforts that lead to workstyle reforms. Our such initiatives include enhancement of childcare leave and nursing care leave systems and promotion of shift work.

(2)Support for Active Participation of Women

The SUGIKO Group has been actively recruiting, training, and promoting motivated and capable women. As of January 2018, 42% of all employees are women, and 18% of management positions are held by women.

In addition, as we believe that creating a workplace where women can continue to work over many years is essential to promoting their active participation in the workplace, we are promoting the realization of good work-life balances.

(3)Human Rights Education

The SUGIKO Group conducts awareness trainings on various human rights problems including the Dowa issue, discrimination against people with disabilities, and harassment, in order to deepen our understanding of human rights.

4.Contribution to Local Communities and Society

The SUGIKO Group believes that it is important to cooperate in local activities for coexistence with local communities and for sustainable development of local communities. Our activities include:

Contribution to Local Communities and Society

(1)Sponsoring the Yokohama Marathon

We support the Yokohama Marathon, which has been held since 2015, as part of our contribution to the local community in Yokohama where our headquarters are located.
In addition to sponsoring the event, more than 120 group employees participate as volunteers to hand runners water every year while many actively participate as runners.

In addition, using SUGIKO's scaffolding equipment, we set up the "SUGIKO Stand" near the goal (PACIFICO Yokohama) and the "SUGIKO Stage" at the Expo venue (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse).

Sponsoring the Yokohama Marathon

(2)Participation in the IPPO IPPO NIPPON Project

The SUGIKO Group participates in the “IPPO IPPO NIPPON,” a disaster area recovery support program called by the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai), to support human resource development and economic revitalization in disaster areas.


5.Harmony with the Environment

In our endeavors to achieve a sustainable society, the SUGIKO Group strives to prevent global warming and air pollution and promotes environmentally friendly activities.