Corporate Philosophy

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Corporate Philosophy

"Finest service for maximum benefit" is corporate philosophy of SUGIKO.

SUGIKO's philosophy is based
on the Chinese saying
"Peaches and Plums don't
Say Anything but a Way will
be Formed Toward the Trees".

What the saying means is that peaches and plums
do not utter a word, but their flowers and fruit will
attract a lot of people and there will be a path
leading up to the trees.

Good Quality

What attracts people is SUGIKO Group's fruits.
And the key is good quality.
The nutrient that makes good fruit possible is
SUGIKO Group Holdings management philosophy.

Customers' profit→Trust from customers→Profits for the SUGIKO Group→Providing the finest products and services

"Finest Service for Maximum Benefit"
Makes for an Affluent Society

SUGIKO provides our customers with good fruits,
i.e. high-quality service,
they can obtain the maximum satisfaction
(profit) possible and we can expect
such customers to use the SUGIKO's
service again.

As this cycle continues, profit will be growing and
returned to the employees, shareholders,
and society at large.

Based on this philosophy, everybody that works with
the SUGIKO Group shares the sense of mission,
"We will bring good quality to please and satisfy customers"
and work toward the goal as one.

About the Logo

Acquiring emotional   satisfaction Improving thinking power   Expanding knowledge


SUGIKO's logo shows the three arrows indicating
following the three directions;

- Acquiring emotional satisfaction
- Improving thinking power
- Expanding knowledge